Obesity is constantly in the news these days. The talk is about people being over weight. The weight is not the real problem. the real problem is the fat that is causing the obesity that is the real problem.

I was obese for years and it was disgusting. I couldn't reach my feet to tie my shoes. When I sat down and had a ready made table, it was ugly.

In 2002 I was fed up so I developed a program to eliminate the problem. I didn't lose an excessive amount of weight. I was way over 200 pounds and droped to 202 pounds and went from a 44 inch wait to a 40 inch waist. I still vary from 202 to 205 but my waist stays the same.

My program will work for any one who will follow the instructions completely. I never took up walking or exercise. I changed my eating habit. I no longer have to follow the program but as I said my waist stays at 40 inches.

I am 5 feet nine inches and 78 years old.

If you want to reduce the size of your gut, just send me $50.00, cash check or money order and I will send you the instructions.

I will not promise you a refund if it doesn't work for you because I know it will if you follow the instructions.

So have a very healthy year. Send your order today.

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